Tuesday, May 25, 2010

summer lovin

Lets start it off with some classic Isaac silly faces.

Hello All, its been forever since this has been updated-so here's some quick shots of the little guy. Summer has gotten off to a slow start; we're glad its warm and sunny but man do we long for the beach. Well, at least we've joined a gym so we've got a pool to go to this summer.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Year, fun times

Happy New Year everyone-- we hope yours has gotten off to a great start. Ours has been busy with a couple ups and downs. We had a visit from Brian's parents, Grampy Jay and Grammy Karyn which was a wonderful visit. We look forward to the next time we see them. The following week we unexpectadly lost my Grandpa Tom, dad's dad. So almost one year to the T after my grandma passed away, we headed to Minnesota again to be with family. Here we are now, back in Cleveland- busy working and awaiting more snow. I'm hoping a miracle happens and winter ends early--i would love some sun and 60 degree weather right about now. I'm ready for a walk outside without cold wind!!
Here's Papi and Isaac (5.5months) hanging at Grandpa Tom's house at 6am. Isaac is chilling in the old mini chair we found at the house that Sadie, my neice, fit perfectly!

Hanging out with Grampy and Grammy in Cleveland

Kisses from mom

Isaac sitting up like the big boy he is--almost 6 months old!

Isaac loves his Grover

'Time to eat momma'

And here he is playing in his exersaucer- fun times practicing standing up and such

waking up from a nap; happy boy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

goofing off

us goofin off with his high chair :)

and hanging out on the play mat...

Monday, December 28, 2009


Merry Christmas to all!

We hope everyone had a peaceful holiday and had a chance to enjoy family. We had a wonderful Christmas here in Cleveland; we enjoyed friends and relaxed much! Of course we also were able to see family over skype on the internet, which makes holidays without family much easier. Below are a few photos of Christmas time around here; Isaac wearing a couple festive outfits ;)
A little reindeer and a santa (or maybe an elf as mom called him)

Isaac is pooped here after going to a christmas party...

Brian and Hainey-clause (as my aunt Darsey used to call Santa clause)

Isaac with his buddy Ethan, who is almost 6 weeks old

Our little chunky reindeer

Monday, December 21, 2009

4.5 months- Baby its cold outside. . .

Brian and Isaac looking a little like twins- a little Bear like :)

And Isaac haning in his awesome stripped cotton pants and jacket, getting ready to do some christmas shopping. Well, he sleeps, I shop

"I'm ready to eat mom!"--look at the big boy in his high chair, sweater, and Cordoroys! (Shoulder straps are a little big)

Hey everyone, we hope this finds you doing great during this holiday season! We are holding it down here in Cleveland, suprisingly not having nearly as much snow as those of you in the East have had! We've barely had any snow yet this season, which is very odd according to the locals. Apparently we are 10in below normal- I bet it will be made up for later on.

We're just getting ready for Christmas. As mentioned before, we'll be here in Cleveland spending it with our friends Kristin, Mark, Ethan and their family. It stinks not to be with our families but we are still excited to do do our own thing here. I think i might force some eggs benedict on Brian christmas morning ;)

I'm posting some little videos of Isaac eating; we've started some solids. Little man hates rice cereal but he seems to be a fan of Oatmeal Cereal. As you'll see he's filling right out, looking quite like a little bear or cabbage patch kid! He's weighing in right at 14 lb and doing great per the pediatrician. He gave the Dr a big smile right after getting his shots last week which she absolutely loved, how could you not?!

Well we love you all and Family we are so sorry we won't be with you for Christmas...we can't wait to see you all again. Snow is coming so if you wnat to see some white come visit!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3.5 months

Here is yet another little video of Isaac "talkin." He cracks me up daily now with his little chatter and his learning to use inflection in his voice.

As a new mom, I hear cliches ALL the time from everyone i see, be it at work, the grocery store, or the Dr's office...ones like "time flies, enjoy it because before you know it they'll be going off to college" and also that it just gets better and better each day. So we've hit the 3.5 month mark and this is by far the best. I cant imagine it getting any better --love the smiles in the mornings when he recognizes us, the belly laughs at his goofy daddy, and how he's finding his voice. I laugh at myself because i don't think i can even count the number of times in a day that I say i love you to Isaac; many times it just comes out and i don't even know I'm saying it. i hope he doesn't get sick of hearing it ;)

Not much is going on here, we're excited for the holidays--sad to say i've got to work both black friday and christmas, so both holidays are pretty tied up. Considering i don't work thanksgiving day, I've decided we're going to head up north for 3 days to Minnesota to see my Grandpa Tom and let him meet his first great grandson. Mom and Dad will be there so of course that will be enjoyable as well. Can't wait to see the other family in the area either though, Carolyn, Barb and Barb's family.

Can't wait for thanksgiving to pass so we can get on with the christmas festivities...This sunday Brian and I are going to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular (it was here for about a month last year at our Broadway theater called Playhouse Square--i wanted to go SOOOO bad but never made it) so I am super pumped about that!! (that was one really lllooonnnggg run on sentence :) Brian just told me yesterday that we have free tickets through the Coast Guard if we want them! How awesome is that? Then it will be time to put up the Christmas tree and i think the little guy will love it. I can't wait till the day that he can make ornaments- i still love looking at ornaments i made as a kid and i still take pride in putting them on the tree :)

We hope all are well and we love you guys! We miss having family around, i know it will really hit us (and you) during the holiday season, but we've all just got to remember and hold onto the fact that its just for a season, meaning in life. 5, 10, 15 years down the road we'll be closer to home and spending holidays together. Luckly we do have great friends around us that are opening their doors to us at thanksgiving (for Brian, since he cannot come to Minnesota with Isaac and I) and again at Christmas.

LOVE Carlie, Brian, and Isaac

Monday, November 16, 2009

November days

Big laughs with Dad

Here is our little guy how used to HATE being on his belly (he couldn't figure out to turn is head so he just rubbed his face in the ground...regardless of the fact that he was completely ABLE to turn his head easily) He's getting better about it now though, luckly. :)